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What is the income cap for Alabama Long Term Care Medicaid?

What is the income cap for Alabama Long Term Care Medicaid?

The income cap for Alabama Long Term Care Medicaid is $2,313 as of 2019 (the excess over this amount may be put into a Qualified Income Trust).

Medicaid is a means-based benefit program. To receive benefits under Medicaid, individuals applying and renewing must meet certain financial criteria to qualify for benefits. One of those requirements is a cap on the income the applicant receives each month. The income an applicant may receive each month is capped at $2,313 as of 2019. However, if an applicant is ineligible because the applicant receives income over the cap, the applicant can become eligible by placing the excess income in a Qualified Income Trust.

For married couples, unlike the asset requirements, the spouse’s income is not considered for eligibility. Only the applicant’s income is considered. If only one spouse is applying for or receiving Medicaid benefits, the spouse not applying for or receiving benefits (the Community Spouse) may be entitled to receive a portion of the applicant spouse’s income.

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